African American Resources

As a smaller city relative to other top 25 major metros around the country, Asheville is somewhat limited in the number of local entities providing support for the local minority community.  Much of what does exist is provided on the employer side of things with recruitment policies or program that are designed to help reach out to such communities.  The Asheville Diversity Engagement Coalition is one such organization made up of the area's top employers.

We've compiled a number of networking and employment resources that may be of assistance here.

Gay Pride


The LGBTQ community is alive and vibrant in Asheville.  A beautiful city, amazing mountains......and an inviting culture for people of a variety of lifestyle preferences.  Here are some resources that may be helpful in your considerations.  View resources.

Hispanic Resources

Like other minority communities in Asheville North Carolina, support and focus groups for Latino employment assistance is quite limited. In fact - we couldn't find any specific to the group. What we could find were groups based out of other areas of the state.  You may find these hispanic / latino community resources helpful.

Disabled | Veterans | Sr. Citizens

You're physical handicaps should not hold you back from life's opportunities.  Nor should your service to our country, or your age be an impediment to all the opportunities that are afforded any other individual.  Here are some resources that will get you pointed in the right direction....(coming soon).